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Roof Replacement

High-Quality Roof Replacements

Serving Charlottesville, VA & Surrounding Areas

Every home will inevitably need to have its roof replaced. Most homeowners do not know when the “right” time for roof replacement is. Apex Roofing will provide all of the information needed and consult with you to consider all factors involved in this major decision. Our teams background and experience in the roofing industry has helped shape a laser-focus on doing what is best for their clients, a commitment to excellence and striving to offer the best experience possible, start to finish.

In some cases, if you have an older roof or if your roof has suffered severe damage, it may be in your best interest to replace it. Our residential roofing replacement service uses high-quality GAF roofing materials. We can provide metal roofing, flat roofs, skylights, waterproofing, and more. We have helped numerous Palmyra, Virginia homeowners upgrade, replace, and repair their roofs at an affordable price. Roof replacement may seem daunting, but our expert roofing contractors at Apex can help you navigate the complexity and end up with a roof that will last you decades. Make your next roof your best roof.

Signs that warrant a consultation with a roofing expert include:

Types Of Roofs We Install:

Roof Repair vs Replacement

The question of roof repair vs roof replacement will always be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Most of the time Apex will recommend a roof repair to the client if the roof still has some useful life left. If the roof has useful life left but wind damage is present, Apex will help the homeowner through the insurance claim process. Roof replacements are generally completed in 1-2 days. For information and recommendations for your roof repair and replacement needs, contact Apex today.

The GAF Warrantied Roof Installation Process:

A sound roof deck to be able to nail into is vital for a roof to perform properly over the long term.

This is included for additional protection under the shingles, with a leak barrier at the most vulnerable points. 

This helps guard against shingle blow-off and gives the shingles an anchor around the perimeter.

Shingles are the main layer of protection for your home. 

Pipe collars help prevent repairs needed halfway through the life of the roof— all aspects to help with the roof’s longevity.

This is installed to improve air circulation within the attic by reducing heat and stagnant moisture within the attic.

This is final layer to blend the ridge vent in with the shingles and give a clean, final look. 

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