Charlottesville, VA

The client had a small roof leak at one of his plumbing stacks. During our inspection, we found the upper roof of the home had not been replaced in a long time, Furthermore, it had an old metal roof still installed under the old shingle roof. This metal caused the shingles to get much hotter than they typically would, resulting in faster deterioration.   

  To fix this, we removed both the old shingles and metal roof during our installation. Given the home’s nearly 100-year-old age, we had to do some work on the roof decking. We also added in a solar powered attic fan to help increase ventilation in the attic. Using a solar powered attic fan, we avoided the hassle and extra costs of having an electrician run new wiring to the unit.   

  The new GAF HDZ American Harvest shingles in Appalachian Sky look great on this home.  The unique appearance of the American Harvest blend of shingles adds to the overall charm.