Charlottesville, VA

The homeowner reached out to Apex when he noticed his roof was looking worn and he knew since his house was over 20 years old it was probably time for a roof inspection. Upon inspecting the roof, we found there was insufficient ventilation and the shingles had extensive granule loss. One of the most common roofing issues we see and something we noticed at this inspection is over driven nails which allows shingles to slide right off of the roof. We extended ridge vents to go the full length of the ridges and replaced an old skylight with a new Velux skylight. The new HDZ shingles look great with the siding and accessory colors. There was also a gutter hanging off of the home due to water rotting the fascia board behind it. We were able to replace the rotted board, paint it and reinstall the gutter before putting gutter guards on all of the gutters.