Rochelle, VA

This client has an old farmhouse with an old roof that was rusting and starting to fail. Upon inspection we determined with the homeowners that it was time to replace it. She decided to go with a new red standing seam metal roof that keeps the “old farmhouse” aesthetics. While keeping the old farmhouse look, we were able to add a ridge vent to help exhaust the heat buildup in the attic. The custom made valleys and flashing bring together this beautiful new roof that will last for many years to come. This was certainly a great project to be a part of.  

Charlottesville, VA

The homeowner reached out to Apex when he noticed his roof was looking worn and he knew since his house was over 20 years old it was probably time for a roof inspection. Upon inspecting the roof, we found there was insufficient ventilation and the shingles had extensive granule loss. One of the most common roofing issues we see and something we noticed at this inspection is over driven nails which allows shingles to slide right off of the roof. We extended ridge vents to go the full length of the ridges and replaced an old skylight with a new Velux skylight. The new HDZ shingles look great with the siding and accessory colors. There was also a gutter hanging off of the home due to water rotting the fascia board behind it. We were able to replace the rotted board, paint it and reinstall the gutter before putting gutter guards on all of the gutters.   

Earlysville, VA

This client recently had a hailstorm hit their home, causing damage to the roof. Apex was able to meet with their adjuster and assist in making sure the insurance process went smoothly for this family. In the process of replacing the roof we replaced all of the counter flashing, step flashing, removed an unwanted skylight and some rotted plywood. Additionally, since the plumbing vents were cast iron, we installed Easy Sleeves with Lifetime Pipe Collars to ensure the entire roof system will last for years to come. The GAF Timberline HDZ shingles in Pewter Grey match this home perfectly. We also found hail damage to the gutters which allowed us to add them to the insurance claim and we installed a new seamless gutter system with gutter guards.  

Palmyra, VA

The client called on Apex as he knew his roof was at the end of its useful life and members of our team are childhood friends with his sons. The builder had put on 3-tab shingles and an ineffective ridge vent so we upgraded his system to include architectural shingles and a high performing ridge vent. As part of our standard practice, we also replaced the chimney flashing and installed Lifetime Pipe Collars on all plumbing vents. Since Mr. Bradley has many trees near his home, we also installed gutter guards to protect his gutters from clogging with leaves and debris. The new GAF Timberline HDZ shingles in Oyster Grey looks great on this home!  

Waynesboro, VA

This client was referred to Apex by her neighbor, who recently had her roof done by us, and she was new to the neighborhood. Upon inspecting the roof, we identified insufficient ventilation and installed three new solar-powered attic fans. We chose these solar-powered fans as they eliminate the need for an electrician to run wiring and are eligible for tax credits due to having solar panels. Since the gutters were original to the home, they decided to have us replace those as well. As for every gutter job, we brought out our gutter-making machine and printed seamless gutters on the job site. Combining the new gutters and GAF Timberline HDZ in Biscayne Blue looks great on the home.   

Charlottesville, VA

The homeowner reached out to Apex because he noticed his roof was nearing the end of its useful life and had discovered a troublesome leak. Upon inspection, we identified the skylights as the cause of the issue. Instead of investing in a temporary fix that would be useless once the roof was replaced in a year or two, Mr. Campbell chose to be proactive and take care of the entire roof now. With three skylights in this home, we replaced them with new Velux skylights, and the stunning GAF HDZ in Charcoal now graces the roof, enhancing both its durability and aesthetic appeal.  

Charlottesville, VA

The client called on Apex when he discovered substantial mold growing in his attic. After inspecting his roof and attic, we found that there was no ventilation at all. Apex coordinated with a local mold remediation company to handle the mold during installation, as well as installed proper intake and exhaust ventilation for his particular style of home. The new GAF Timberline HDZ shingle in Williamsburg Slate looks great on the home.  

Charlottesville, VA

The client had a small roof leak at one of his plumbing stacks. During our inspection, we found the upper roof of the home had not been replaced in a long time, Furthermore, it had an old metal roof still installed under the old shingle roof. This metal caused the shingles to get much hotter than they typically would, resulting in faster deterioration.   

  To fix this, we removed both the old shingles and metal roof during our installation. Given the home’s nearly 100-year-old age, we had to do some work on the roof decking. We also added in a solar powered attic fan to help increase ventilation in the attic. Using a solar powered attic fan, we avoided the hassle and extra costs of having an electrician run new wiring to the unit.   

  The new GAF HDZ American Harvest shingles in Appalachian Sky look great on this home.  The unique appearance of the American Harvest blend of shingles adds to the overall charm.  

Staunton, VA

The homeowner called Apex Roofing after asking around for reliable roofing contractors. We were able to inspect his roof within a couple of days. He had a unique situation of a newly built back porch roof that was installed over the existing roof. Apex was able to replace his roof with new GAF HDZ shingles and tie in the new porch roof properly to ensure it is watertight for the long run. We also corrected ventilation issues. For a ranch-style home, a ridge vent is the best way to vent the attic space. His particular home did not have soffit vents either so we corrected this as well.  

Proper ventilation in the attic is key for keeping the attic cooler, removing moisture, and allowing the shingles to last longer.   

Palmyra, VA

This client called Apex for a leaky skylight in the kitchen. After a roof inspection and a discussion about repair costs given the roof’s current condition, he decided to replace the entire roof. Apex also added a ridge vent to increase attic ventilation and get the stagnant hot air out of their attic. We also upgraded one of his skylights to feature Velux solar-powered and remote-controlled blinds. As this skylight is solar-powered, it qualifies for the 30% federal tax credit, helping offset the additional cost of the blinds. The new GAF HDZ shingles in Williamsburg Slate have significantly improved the home’s appearance!